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Stephen Humphrey, JD*, CFA, MBA

Stephen Humphrey, JD*, CFA, MBA


A veteran of the financial world, Stephen Humphrey has dedicated his career to helping clients of all levels secure their financial freedom. With over 35 years of experience, Stephen has worked for some of the financial industry’s well-known firms. He served as the sole manager of the 5-star $1 Billion Chase Vista Growth fund, and in the year 2000, he was ranked 64th in Barron’s Top 100 Fund Managers in the country.

 Stephen enjoys focusing his knowledge on serving clients of all economic positions. A seasoned educator and dedicated resource for clients in every stage of life, Stephen ensures his clients not only receive the most suitable strategies, but that they understand how they help secure their financial world. 

While providing comprehensive plans, Stephen helps his clients learn the risks and returns associated with their investments, imbuing them with an appreciation for the history of financial markets and how they may develop in the future. However the markets may be performing, Stephen’s financial models will help you get where you want to be.

Stephen’s mission is to get to know your needs, wants, and goals—but more importantly, to help you get to know yourself and your risk tolerance. He will help you develop, implement, and monitor strategies that address your individual situation. With Stephen as your guide, you won’t merely be at the mercy of the markets.  He will help you be in total command of your financial situation, today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

* Mr. Humphrey does not provide legal advice, act as an attorney or exercise professional judgment as an attorney in connection with his financial activities with Lincoln Investment, or Capital Analysts.

Barron’s Top 100  Financial Advisors: Advisors who wish to be ranked fill out a 102-question survey about their practice. Barron’s verifies that data with the advisors’ firms and with regulatory databases and then applies a rankings formula to the data to generate a ranking. The formula features three major categories of calculations: (1) Assets (2) Revenue (3) Quality of practice. Barron’s takes into account not just the amount of assets an advisor manages, but also the type of assets, the growth of an advisors practice and their client retention. They also consider a wide range of qualitative factors, including the advisors’ experience, their advanced degrees and industry designations, the size and shape of their teams, their charitable and philanthropic work and, their compliance records.

Awards are not indicative of future performance Working with an award winner is no guarantee of future financial success. Individuals should conduct their own evaluation.